yes this is the original cottagewife but i changed my main blog's url to tiddywife uwu


i would like to become a minecraft slime so i don't have to constantly deal with hurting bones

started this world today and this is what i have so far!! it's pretty minimalist in a way, the only furniture i have inside the house is a bed and a crafting table, i haven't even made a chest yet!!!

i may or may not draw this house, but if i do i think i'll start with something simpler just to practice xD

might build something in minecraft and draw it.. i do need some practice drawing backgrounds

when bog and i play minecraft and i can annoy them again it's over for y'all

my self insert's name has quite a bit of significance to the story and it won't be revealed until later, therefore saying it would be a spoiler, but i love calling her vb's wife so it works out

sometimes i like using the classic, browser version of minecraft on my chromebook just to build things to get a feel for them. (and i didn't feel like turning my computer on this late at night)

another picrew with vb and wife, bc i am a slut for these

[picrew credit] my self insert: :P

villainbane: oh god oh fuck she's adorable

minecraft maps come pre-aged

wrote some more fan fic today, not a lot but at least half a page, which is a lot after not having written in weeks c:

I finished Pokemon, so have gone back to my SP Minecraft world. The break has done me good, and I'm currently working on finishing the design of my storage room, finally. I haven't had a proper mass storage the whole time of playing, and it was getting annoying XD

This however is not my storage room, but my guardian farm! I stopped by to repair some tools, so figured I'd take some screenshots, since I missed it the last time I posted shots of my world.

It is SUPER effective, as you might be able to tell from the second picture XD It was also a bitch to make. Each of those raised squares is an 8x8 area, or 64 spaces each. I think the overall area is 7x7 of those 64 block squares, so 3136 blocks overall? And that entire space is covered with fence gates, with each square being raised one block from the one in front.

The idea is that it covers the entire spawning space of an ocean monument. You strip the monument down, cover the surface with gates, and the floor of the ocean with soul sand. The entire thing becomes a platform of bubble columns, which pushes the guardians up into the fence gates. On top of the gates are water streams pushing them down towards that middle square at the front, which then pushes them down a hallway and eventually drops them into kill chamber. A 3 tall layer of lava hurts them enough that they land with only half a heart, if you want to kill them yourself. (Put a layer of water at the bottom to stop them dying on impact.)

I have a setup where I can push a button and the hopper platform gets covered with water, allowing me to switch between an afk auto farm, and an EXP farm. There's also an automated sorting system attached, which takes all possible drops and transports them to the appropriate storage silo under the farm, so I don't have to worry about transporting everything. I just come pick up what I need when I need it.

I believe the design of this farm is done by Cubfan135? The benefits of this to the last one I used by Iskall is that I didn't have to clear the whole monument space of water, just added some stuff above the ocean surface. The downside is guardians WILL continually spawn while you are working, unless you change your difficulty. My advice is bring invisibility potions and set up a haste 2 beacon and a conduit. You can get a pretty good mining speed on the monument with those. You will probably still die at least once while making this.

was it really a classic gen z childhood song if it didn't have at least one minecraft parody of it

i bred a bunch of pigs on the little island where bog's house is just to annoy them but these pigs have caused enough satisfying annoyance now so i am relocating them to a separate island c:

i sent bog on a scavenger hunt and they are not having a good time x3