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Sunrise - Oct 18, 2019

me: oh no im being awkward and embarrassing myself

also me: god girls are so adorable when they're awkward i love them so much

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turns out the humidity is over 90% rn, no wonder i can't breathe

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i opened the window and idk if it's helping or not but my headache has lessened

is a ping of 19k bad

last night i had a really fun dream and there was some kind of school in it that i don't even know how to explain but there was math and apparently in this dream world i was amazing at math and idk i think there was something to do with frogs in my dream

and the school was painted green all over and there were so many windows, the outer walls were literally like 90% window

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AngelTea / Nine

Inktober #18: Misfit

"Nobody likes spiders."

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edit: to whoever donated £75 know that i am so incredibly grateful and honestly in shock rn, thank you so much

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hey so me n my bf just budgeted and we have about £10 to feed us until sunday night. we dont have cooking facilities available through the day (like. not even hot water for a pot noodle or a cuppa) and honestly im struggling for ideas here. london isnt cheap and were both ill already

heres the link for my kofi again i would really appreciate donations

if anyone has any ideas of what we can actually eat please lmk

please boost bc im stuck


Don the Hammerhead

This is an old puppet design I found in one of my old sketchbooks. His name is Don the Hammerhead Shark! He's a car salesman by day and a would-be comedians puppet by night. 


Horror Clawdia

i haven't posted any art here in a while, so here's a character from an AU named Clawdia!!

in this AU (called the Horror AU), my sona (Birdy) and other friends' sonas get transformed into monster/evil versions of themselves! 

for example, Horror Clawdia can travel into the dream world and turn dreams into nightmares with a strike of her scythe! 

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Inktober Day 17: Ornament

About halfway through Inktober and I haven't drawn any Pokemon yet :0 Meowth has the best ornament

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i cant find that pic of maid marian from disneys robin hood where she looks tired af but thats me right now so immmm gonna check out

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this one?


It's ya boi, back at it again with some more turnarounds! This time Andrea: Human Edition!